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In The Name of Allah: The Merciful, The Kind
Our Terms of Services
To Allah {s.w.t} be all Praise and Glory, and may He {s.w.t} send His {s.w.t's} blessings unto our beloved leader Rassuul Muhammad {a.w.s}, and unto his {a.w.s's} household, and unto his {a.w.s's} companions, and unto we the followers of his {a.w.s's} leadership, and absolute peace unto the whole world; [corner to corner, edge to edge, high and below]. And all-together peace even in the last day. Allah {s.w.t} be please, and His {s.w.t's} Will, be done.

Terms & Conditions


I.T.T - www.Islamictalismans.com; - through It's leadership here-by provides you with access as to the use of the services available on this website. Access to and use of the Service/s as defined [outlined] below, is/are governed by these Terms and Conditions [" Agreement "]. Thus, by accessing and your use of these Service/s as implied, you here-by indicate your clear consent and acknowledgement to be solely and responsibly bound by the Terms on this web page as an Agreement between us and you. The terms used here-in, where-ever applicable as "We", "Us", "Our", "Me", "I", and "I.T.T" or "This Website", are in reference to Islamictalismans.com and It's Leadership board, like whilst on the other hand; - the term referring to "You" or "Your" is/are used in reference to you, the visitor/s or customer/s. The term "us all" means both parties inclusive.


Anything within this website that we offer or in anyhow implied is/are defined here-in as our service/s [services of links to out side of this website are excluded] to the benefit of mankind and our contributions towards our religion, Al-Islam [submission of one/s entire self to The Will of The God, Allah {s.w.t)}. May it be Allah's {s.w.t's} Will and may He {s.w.t} be please with every activity here within.

Only Personal Use is Authorized

Under this Agreement, we give you permission to access and use the Services available for your personal use only, and to copy, distribute and transmit the content of the Services only to the extent that such copying, distribution, and transmission is automatically done through your web browser software incidentally to using the Services for your personal use [only]. As well, you may also print a copy of the information displayed on the Services for your personal use [only]. By this being in mind, you may not modify, reformat, copy, display, distribute, transmit, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information/s, product/s, or service/s obtained by your accessing and use of our Services to any third party except otherwise mentioned. This restriction further means, among other things, that you may not mirror nor copy on your own website/s any portion of the Services or display through your own website any results pages or other information of our Services without our express knowledge and utmost permission. Again, unless otherwise restricted, you are giving permission to use anyhow you wish [legally], any other displayed image/s [except Ta'weez/Talismans; - members excluded], audio/s or video/s for Dawah [teaching] purpose, but please do not allow the saitan [the devil] to use you to utilized them in any form or nature of negativity or enmity towards any individual or group/s of individuals. Allah {s.w.t} blesses who ever spreads them in the work for Al-Islam.

Further more, please feel free to notify us of any alleged copyright infringement, you must include the following information: A description of the claimed copyrighted work and, or the description of the infringing material and, information sufficient to permit us locate the alleged material, plus your contact information which should include your address, telephone number and/or email address. Allah {s.w.t} pleases, we shall investigate and take the necessary steps. We thus, reserve the right to address such requests on a case-by-case basis. We intend no harm to any. May Allah {s.w.t} guard and guide us all.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The service/s are provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. We disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranty of title, non-infringement, merchant ability or fitness for any particular purpose. We do not claim to be healers, nor relievers from anything. We totally and completely dis-associate ourselves from any form or nature of magic or magical act/s, voodoo, hoodoo, wanga or any of such, be it in manifest or in spirit. The Ta'aweez/Talismans and all other Duaas [prayers] here-in are {tabulated} written Duaa [prayer] of verses of The Holy Qur'an and The Hadith [sayings of the Apostle Muhammad {a.w.s}], directed to invoke in none other than Allah, Rabul'aalamiin [Lord of the whole worlds] for a benefit/s, and thus, He {s.w.t} alone actualizes, materializes and puts into reality every deed/s that be/s; - The Hearer and Acceptor of duaas [prayers] and The Grantor of requests as He {s.w.t} pleases. However, as these Ta'aweez/Talismans are carefully prepared Duaas [prayers] by the sheikhs [spiritual leaders], to be respectfully submitted as directed to The Highest Owner of Generosity, Whom {s.w.t} all lost hopes go back to, - We undoubtedly belief 100% in the Trustworthiness of our Creator that all shall be well. Allah's {s.w.t's} Will and by His {s.w.t's} Will alone do all men benefit from any Duaa [prayer]. We advice that you follow all directions to see quick results - Allah {s.w.t} pleases. By no means can or will these Duaas [Ta'aweez/Talismans] be hold as any form of deity or intermediary or intercession to Allah, The Most High. Rather, they are simply tabulated Duaas [prayers] to Allah {s.w.t} for our/your benefits. Thus, we absolutely reject and openly refuse any form of idolatry [ partnership to Allah {s.w.t}] be it hidden or manifest, in the physical or spiritual. Please, make use of the provided Duaas [Ta'aweez/Talismans] wisely and positively. They are very effective invocations, as have been tested and used many times. So to wrongfully or the misuse of them could result to terrible experience/s. What ever you use them for, the results shall be back to you for the same purpose that you use them for, in a three-fold stronger [Allah's {s.w.t's} Will]. These Duaas [Ta'aweez/Talismans] are intended for positive use only [to gain benefits from The Answerer, The God Allah {s.w.t}]. Even though we are created for no other reason but to worship Him {s.w.t}, He {s.w.t} remains our Provider and as we ask accordingly, He {s.w.t} fulfils our needs [as He {s.w.t} pleases], that we may rejoice in His {s.w.t's} Kindness and Glory to better serve Him {s.w.t} in comfort. Remember, Do Not try to harm anyone so that you may be free from harm. Repeat, what goes around, comes around. Again, do not dig a hole for someone else to fall in; - you may be the very one to be trapped in. May Allah {s.w.t} helps and guides us all, as He {s.w.t} deems fit.


As you may notice various links and, or banners to different websites on our web pages, we hold no responsibility in your access and use of them [the website/s to which they are linked to]. They are solely for informational purposes only and thus, placed within for the mere fact that messages contained and, or conveyed in those websites may be useful to you our visitor/s or member/s. You therefore acknowledge that you click on them at your own risk and awareness.

Privacy and Data Collection / Membership

We do not personally collect or keep any of your personal information/s except your e-mail address/es and in some cases your telephone number/s which you may give us freely, solely for contact purposes. If in case for a valid reason that you give us your contact address/es, it shall be used strictly for the purpose in which you freely give to us; - after which, it shall be destroyed permanently. We do not distribute your personal information/s in any way or form it may be or may arise. Your membership/s or donation/s or sale/s payment information as it may apply, are responsibly and securely taken, process and handle by Pay Pal online payment Center or any other online payment processor we may provide. You may contact them as you please. The confidentiality and security of your personal informations are guaranteed, as you are in safe hands, Allah's {s.w.t's} Will. Further more, your membership subscriptions are a Life-Time bases for your convenience, unless you otherwise willingly Opt Out [Terminate]. You may terminate your membership subscriptions anytime as you deem necessary.


We reserve the right to change any information/s, feature/s and or function/s of our Service/s without prior notice. We may terminate your membership and, or deny you access to all or part of the Services at Islamictalismans.com without prior notice if you engage in any misconduct or illegal activities that we determine in our sole discretion, violation of any part of this Agreement, our rights, the rights of any third party, or any act otherwise inappropriate. We will not tolerate any form of misconduct, hate, hateful expression/s, harassment/s, intimidation of any nature towards any individual or individuals by the use of this website or it's services. Al- Islam is The Religion that Our God, Allah {s.w.t} has chosen for us and thus, we follow it's teachings to respect and tolerate all creations in absolute peace and harmony; - we live by it. We do not and will not discriminate against any. All are welcome in peace irrespective of color or race, physical or spiritual mentality, religion, social background or geographical location, man or woman, able or disabled; - again, all are welcome and all have equal rights and privileges here within, as seen and witnessed by Allah {s.w.t}, The Master-minder of all Authority Whose Mercy and Kindness spreads over all creations. Even at when we do not agree in terms of views, that is because we abide by the concepts of the main essence of this website; - which is the practice of The Religion of Al-Islam and thus, many of it's teachings may be different from your believes. But nevertheless, every one is born free to chose, freedom of choice blessed unto all by Allah {s.w.t} in His {s.w.t's} Infinite Mercy towards mankind. It is everyone's birth right to be free as you please even though in every consequence, there is a repercussion. So, at points of disagreements in choices, we can simply iron out our differences by you accepting and holding strong unto what you belief, and the same for us - so every one be in peace. Allah {s.w.t} guides us all,

Wa Asalaamu'alaikum Wa Rahmatul'lahi Wa Barakaatuhu.
{Allah's {s.w.t's} Peace, Mercy, and Blessings be upon you}


We may amend this Agreement at any time by posting the amended terms on this Web page without any notice in advance.

All amended terms are automatically effective 21 days after they are initially been posted. This agreement was last revised on August, 26th. 2016.
{ may Allah s.w.t in His Ultimate Mercy Help and Guide us all:- AMEEN' ALLAHU }
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