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In The Name of Allah: The Merciful, The Kind
I.T.T - Nnaa La Tillo e-Book!
    | All is now to be uploaded into The Gallery to avoid double payments from existing Members |

We as humans can only propose, and thus Allah s.w.t is The Alone That Wills. We have decided to have the entire contents of the
supposed ebook into the main Taweez Gallery instead. Me and my partner have deem it necessary after realizing that publishing the said
e-book would as well lead to our already existing Members having to buy it;- and thus, leading to a double payment in I.T.T (since The
Gallery and the e-book would be two different things).

To have all within The Gallery and maintaining The Gallery is just as another type of electronic book and you still have the will to copy,
save or print all contents of The Gallery items after accessing its' detail descriptions.

So stay in tune!
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