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In The Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Kind!
& Peace & His Mercy & Blessings be unto U
  I.T.T - Nnaa La Tillo e-Book!
A must get; especially if you're in the Spiritual path or planning on so. Included in it are as well Dhikr to call Ruh'an (Mukhal) to help in
affairs, by The Grace of Allah Azawajal. For protections, For sickness, For pregnancy, To get rid of all kinds of evil, For manhood, For
woman-hood, For any personal desires (positive ones), Freedom out of jail, For wealth/riches, To win an enemy, For marriage, Love, Good luck,
Effects of jinns, and so many, ..........
350 Taweez of in both plain Verses of Dhikr and in Tabulations for all purpose.
|All is now to be uploaded into The Gallery to avoid double payments from existing Members|

We as humans can only propose, and thus Allah s.w.t is The Alone That Wills. We have decided to have the entire contents of the supposed
ebook into the main Taweez Gallery instead. Me and my partner have deem it necessary after realizing that publishing the said ebook would
as well lead to our already existing Members having to buy it;- and thus, leading to a double payment in I.T.T (since The Gallery and the
ebook would be two different things).

To have all within The Gallery and maintaining The Gallery is just as another type of electronic book and you still have the will to copy, save
or print all contents of The Gallery items after accessing its' detail descriptions.

Now, short-cutting all the issues surrounding the establishment of an ebook, better that we maintain The Gallery instead with all the
uploads we can. So steadily, all supposedly contents of the ebook will appear in The Gallery.

350 was promised for the ebook, and yes;- within a time, all 350 Taweez will appear in The Gallery insha'Allahu Rabbi.

So stay in tune!
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Prayer Times: 6 Million Cities Worldwide!
FOR EVERY CONSEQUENCE IS A REPERCUSSION! IN EVERY ACTION FOLLOWS A REACTION. And if there's a source, it's destiny to become is inevitable.
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FAQs page
about I.T.T's field
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  WARNING ... Be-Aware! They are every where. In your dwellings, in your every daily affairs;- even within
yourselves. They grow faster than us, and live far longer than us. The good among them are a blessings, but the
evil among them are viruses for they still are in a radical competition with us;- jealous to the core of all favors of
The God unto humans and are hell bent on a rampage rebellion! Jinns or Aliens beings;- call them what you may
!!! .... they live right here with us and are busy renewing their tactics to lead any unto stray. Turn on the lights now
and thus, secure your future.
Grab a Taweez for a prayer well done.
Islamic Taweez Duaa is not and can not be Shirk, except other-wise any other duaa be Shirk 'haraam', ;- as many mis-believed.
It is just more or so the same with opening your hands to ask Allah -s.w.t- for your quests. Only this time, in a written form. The
Paper and the writings themselves are mere materials that has no weight nor value. It is the message it entails that counts and
matters, and that is the duaa {prayer}. Based of off The Quran and Hadiths; The Holy Quran is the healing for all that is to cure
and beyond. To conclude, we belief and as it's said and written:- Allah Azawajal is The See-er and The Hearer of all matters;- and
to Him, all affairs get back to. So let's ask and seek of His bounties and we will find Him Merciful and Kind, ready at all times to
help who seeks.