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In The Name of Allah: The Merciful, The Kind
Our Testimony based of off Al-Islam!
We hereby in all totality condemn, and completely dis-associate ourselves from any form or nature of magic or magical act/s, voodoo, hoodoo, woodoo, oodoo, witchcraft, wanga or whatsoever of any of such, be it in the manifest or in spirit. The Ta'aweez / Talismans and all other Duaas [prayers] here-in are {tabulated} written secret Duaa [prayer] of verses of The Holy Qur'an and The Hadith [sayings of the Apostle Muhammad {a.w.s}], directed to invoke in none other than Allah - Rabul'aalamiina [Lord of the whole worlds] for a benefit/s and thus, He {s.w.t} alone actualizes, materializes and puts into reality every deed/s that be/s; - He {s.w.t} is The Hearer and Acceptor of duaas [prayers] and The Grantor of requests as He {s.w.t} pleases. However, as these Ta'aweez/Talismans are carefully prepared Duaas [prayers] by the sheikhs [spiritual leaders], to be respectfully submitted as directed to The Highest Owner of Generosity, Whom all lost hopes go back to, - We undoubtedly belief 100% in the Trustworthiness of our Creator that all shall be well. Allah's {s.w.t's} Will, and by His {s.w.t's} Will alone do all men benefit from any Duaa [prayer]. We advice that you follow all directions to see quick results - Allah {s.w.t} pleases. By no means can or will these Duaas [Ta'aweez/Talismans] be hold as any form of deity or intermediary or intercession to Allah - The Most High. Rather, they are simply tabulated Duaas [prayers] to Allah {s.w.t} for our/your benefits. So with this in mind, thus, we absolutely reject and openly refuse any form of idolatry [ partnership to Allah {s.w.t} ] be it hidden or manifest, in the physical or spiritual.

Please, make use of the provided Duaas [Ta'aweez/Talismans] wisely and positively. They are very effective invocations, as have been proven and used many times in our works. So to wrongfully or the misuse of them could result to terrible experience/s. What ever you use them for, the results shall be back to you for the same purpose that you use them for, in a three-fold stronger [Allah's {s.w.t's} Will]. These Duaas [Ta'aweez/Talismans] are intended for positive use only [to gain benefits from The Answerer, The God Allah {s.w.t}]. Even though we are created for no other reason but to worship Him {s.w.t}, He {s.w.t} remains our Provider and as we ask accordingly, He {s.w.t} fulfills our needs [as He {s.w.t} pleases], so that we may rejoice in His {s.w.t's} Mercy, Kindness and Glory to better serve Him {s.w.t} in comfort. Remember, Do Not try to harm anyone so that you may be free from harm. Repeat, what goes around, comes around. Again, do not dig a hole for someone else to fall in; - you may be the very one to be trapped in. May Allah {s.w.t} help and guides us all, as He {s.w.t} deems fit.

Al- Islam is The Religion that Our God, Allah {s.w.t} has chosen for us [and as Muslims,- a name given to us by His {s.w.t's} beloved slave-servant, messenger, and prophet; - Ibraahiim (Abraham){a.w.s}] and thus, we follow it's teachings to respect and tolerate all creations in absolute peace and harmony; - we live by it. We do not and will not discriminate against any. All are welcome in peace irrespective of color or race, physical or spiritual mentality, religion, social background or geographical location, man or woman, able or disabled; - again, all are welcome and all have equal rights and privileges here within, as seen and witnessed by Allah {s.w.t}, The Master of all Authority Whose Mercy and Kindness spreads over all creations.

Even at when we do not agree in terms of views, that is because we abide by the concepts of the main essence of this website; - which is the practice of The Religion of Al-Islam and it's teachings to better our livelihood and thus, many of it's teachings may be different from your believes. But nevertheless, every one is born free to chose, freedom of choice blessed unto all by Allah {s.w.t} in His {s.w.t's} Infinite Mercy towards mankind. It is everyone's birth right to be free as you please even though in every consequence, there is a repercussion. So, at points of disagreements in choices, we can simply iron out our differences by you accepting and holding strong unto what you belief, and the same for us - every one be in peace. Further more, however, if you feel disturbed by any thing in here and would rather be comforted by EXITING, please do so NOW.

Allah {s.w.t} guides us all, "Wa Asalaamu' Alaikum" [and peace be unto you]
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