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In The Name of Allah: The Merciful, The Kind
  I.T.T is READY, alive online!
A Revolution of it's kind, never so openly confessed
We are live online, issuing out Ages Long of Taweez Secret records of The Sheikhs. We're broadcasting what is practically a Taboo to share without an extreme dedicated hard work, claimed to be a gain for a blessings.

These have all along been kept secret, closely guarded, and the learned ones among the spiritual Saints benefiting of off the prayer scripts as for a living, even with a pledge to help. Gone wild to the extend that people blessed with these knowledge are charging unnecessarily lots (over the limit amounts) of money for anyone to be part of the vast benefits of these prayerful gifts of Allah Azawajal to mankind. Yeah, never has this been given so openly and freely for a DO IT YOURSELF principle;- and yes you too, and anyone else can do it;- the extend of your "FAITH" is your only key.

Now the course is changed, it is a new era for a new style of a revolution;- thanks to the blessings of the world wide net. We refuse to belief that people have to come up with a lots of money, nor sweat for ages before they can be part of these vast empire of an oceanic blessings from our Lord and Giver to us. We neither belief that only a particular person can use a prayer. All are welcomed, for your only key to success is "FAITH", an undoubted credibility of a none shaking faith to your God; "our God". All people are equal in His eyes and His Mercy spreads over all creations, and His care for us is unlimited even though we're continually hell-bent on skipping His orders. A gift of power to will, as He Pleases by His Leave;- is locked right within yourself. So free yourself, but if you'll just let go and allow all by "FAITH". Your actions are the consequences. A sabab (source) "must be" equals a destiny to be claimed. There must always be an approved source in order to claim a destiny predestined.

And Yes! You Too Can;- just do it right. Truly yes! You too can, and together "we can" ...... !

"....... fear not men but fear Me and sell not My Verses for a miserable price. ......." Al-Ma'eda, Surah 5, Verse 44

Thus, @ I.T.T we reject to be greedy. We will not sell a prayer meant to invoke in Allah -s.w.t-, neither compromise nor place a price to that which is meant, given freely for our benefits. Allah s.w.t blesses the sheikhs with the spiritual gift to tabulate the secrecy of the Qur'an and His precious Attribute Names into what is called Taweez. Though involved in the process is a tiredness and sleepless nights, all the same; - it is our blessings and none deserves to buy them.

They are our gifts blessedly inspired upon beautiful souls to be handed down for our benefits. Prayer is a right and not a privilege. It is our birth right and not to stay hidden.

Therefore @ I.T.T, we do not sell Taweez neither any Duaa nor any waseefa for the use of men. We detest and refuse the concept of a high cost ideology;- priceless indeed yet a free birth right for all to consume.

However, everything now-a-days costs; the world is at her full speed. We regret to charge even a dime for our services, but we need to keep this website going, we need to acquire more Taweez Duaas from all corners of the earth, the website's maintenance requires money, the time of the people involved-in to keep the good work flowing needs compensation, the web designer, the travelings, ........ ....... ........ ...... We need to keep up at ease delivering the thoughts to be once impossible; to be indeed a plain possibility.

With the above mentioned out of the fractions, we need money in this very expensive world to keep providing and stay strong;- but pray and do it rightly with pre-calculated measures bestowed upon our dear spiritual leaders, all at the comfort of your home.

So for this matter, we came up with a reasonable membership idea. For your very small kind gift, you have an unlimited access to our entire Taweez/Talismans Gallery (no matter how many is in there or how many is to be uploaded periodically in addition;- all is yours at practically no cost). That way, we keep up the ease of getting them to you while you sit comfortably at home consuming what basically has always been guarded tightly and considered a taboo to give out even so, "just like that'.

Your small donation to our course is a more than enough to keep us in shape to supply at ease; as you feed to acknowledge your God given authority of good over evil, compassion over wickedness, positivity over all negativity and thus, attract love and happiness and peace to eternity;- thru Allah's Azawajal's Will and ever ready Mercy. Your membership will be a Life-Time; but as you may please, you may cancel at any time. Come back when you need something else or are just stressed out; - we are here to feed you comfort and without doubt, prayer makes a difference.
And yes, with our Gallery; You have all the ability to upload Taweez into it to share with other Members
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write to us and by His Will as He Pleases...........; with Illahi Allah, every thing is well possible and easy to do.
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