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      (1) 2nd Interview with the Hon. Elijah Muhammad - part 2 back 
An interview by Elijah;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: Please be mindful to what you hear and balance everything in accord to your God given capability to natural intelligence; Racism has no culture in Islam. The blacker of blacks or the whiter of whites have no essence in the eyes of Allahu Wahid. Infact, all people are equally given the full permit to be part of Islam just as was unto all born free by the Will of God (every baby is a Muslim, until otherwise led into a different path by society). What really matters in the eyes of God is the fear of Him and the selfless, but willing whole submission unto His Will plus as a whole, do good unto others as you would want to be done unto you. May Allah s.w.t guide us to His true teachings for mankind and as He so Pleases, let it Please Him to lead us to His 100% Love and Mercy.-----Another thing, God is not man, can not be trapped in a man but as Is in His Alone Supremacy;- Our God Allah s.w.t is ONE GOD, and can not in any way be contained in any form or shape of a being. He is Alone (meaning not two, not three in one, but AHAD = 1)
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