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Video #1
Title: Wikileaks : LEAKED - U.N. DIPLOMATIC BRIEFING - ALIEN ARRIVAL {time=1:56::39}
Video #2
Title: Alien Illuminati 2013 New World Order- (time=2:01:52)
Video #3
Title: The Robe 1 {time=2:08:05}
Video #4
Title: The Robe 2 - Demetrius And The Gladiators {time=1:36:09}
Video #5
Title: I Claudius Episode 1 {time=1:37:46}
Video #6
Title: I Claudius Episode 2 {time=50:08}
Video #7
Title: I Claudius Episode 3 {time=51:45}
Video #8
Title: I Claudius Episode 4 {time=51:06}
Video #9
Title: I Claudius Episode 5 {time=51:49}
Video #10
Title: I Claudius Episode 6 {time=52:09}
Video #11
Title: I Claudius Episode 7 {time=51:14}
Video #12
Title: I Claudius Episode 8 {time=51:23}
Video #13
Title: I Claudius Episode 9 {time=54:09}
Video #14
Title: I Claudius Episode 10 {time=51:49}
Video #15
Title: I Claudius Episode 11 {time=51:46}
Video #16
Title: I Claudius Episode 12 {time=53:20}
Video #17
Title: Alchemy - Sacred Secrets Revealed {time=53:00}
Video #18
Title: Emerald Tablets of Thoth - {time=59:49}
Video #19
Title: Final Days Of Planet Earth 2006 {time=2:51:57}
Video #20
Title: The Nativity Story {time=1:40:52}
Video #21
Title: Tiger of Islam : Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi by {time=50:19}
Video #22
Title: Story of Prophet Musa (Moses) Islam Version {time=1:42:19}
Video #23
Title: Peter starring Amr Sharif {time=3:14:24}
Video #24
Title: Quran Koran full voice Sheikh Abdullah Al-Juhani {time=11:37:23}
Video #25
Title: Quran - Almaikulai Sheikh (complete) {time=22:36:51}
Video #26
Title: Quran - Meshary - (Complete) {time=29:49:33}
Video #27
Title: Quran - Menshawi God's mercy - (complete) {time=28:46:52}
Video #28
Title: The New Age - (The Enemy Of Christ) {time=2:55:37}
Video #29
Title: The Devil's Bible {time=44:58}
Video #30
Title: The History of the Devil {time=52:28}
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WARNING ... Be-Aware! They are every where. In your dwellings, in your every daily affairs;- even within ones' selves. They grow faster than us,
and live far longer than us. The good among them are a blessings but the evil among them are malicious reckless viruses, for they still are in a
radical competition with us;- jealous to the core of all favors of The God unto humans and are hell bent on a rampage rebellion! Evil Jinns or Alien
beings;- call them what you may !!! .... They live right here with us and are busy renewing darker evil tactics of hidden forces to lead any unto stray and
subject a victim into all kinds of nasty afflictions. They can reside with-in one's person, even unto the very blood stream-line;- they are not material
tangible beings thus, can manipulate spiritual affiliated matters as in accord to The Book of Nature. Allah The Great has done a beautifully planned job
for an auto-pilot self-reflection;- this is for all the creations (all share in the cake equally);- manipulate in accord to laws of nature for good or evil and
you shall shape into existence. Counter-manipulate the same and you shall counter shape into existence. In other words, hit the nail by the head and
it shall penetrate deep;- retract the nail and shall still rip so for what it is that you want. Good or evil;- each of this is a favor for one side or unto  the
other side, thus they are both ruled by relevant laws out-lined. These evil beings are masters of false perceptions, delusional inceptions and
hyper-critical hallucinations. They  master these laws and can easily infest evil onto the weak minded. Now is your turn to flip on the lights, eradicate
and rebuke any spiritually inclined evil incarceration and thus, secure your every today by the power of the blessings in prayer. With all seen, said and
done, it is your duty to see your life thru;- so grab a Taweez for a prayer well done. Free your outer soul now! Free your self and claim your God given
right to good over evil, happiness over afflicted sadness and worship your God in ultra-comfort . Be free and be safe and sleep with a sound mind. You
are not in here by accident, make good use of your stay;- decide well and choose wisely ... life goes well with a good choices made.
Islamic Taweez Duaa is not and can not be Shirk, except other-wise every other duaa be Shirk 'haraam' -;- as many mis-believed. It is just more or
so the same with opening your hands to ask Allah Azawajal for your everyday life's quests. Only this time, in a written form. The Paper and the writings
themselves are mere materials that has no weight nor value. It is the message it entails that counts and matters, therefore draws the conclusion .....
and that is the duaa {prayer}. Based of off The Quran and Hadiths;- The Holy Quran is the healing for all that is to cure and beyond, even manipulate
existences for the spiritually inclined. We belief and as it's said and written:- Allah Azawajal is The See-er and The Hearer of all matters;- and to Him,
all affairs get back to thus, by His Will we declare our trust. So let's ask and seek of His bounties and we will find Him Merciful and Most Kind, ready at
all times to help who so ever seeks in pure sincerity and steadfastness.