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In The Name of Allah: The Merciful, The Kind
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We welcome all walks of live in any region, ethnic, color, creed, religion or social background to visit us here in peace and experience
the wonderful blessings off the religion of Al-Islam. The God, Allah's (s.w.t) mercy spreads over all creations and He blesses without
boarder, whom so ever He chooses.

Al-Islam is the way of life and for being Muslims, we un-endingly thank our One and Only One True God;- Allah (s.w.t), The Eternal
and The Absolute;- He (s.w.t) chooses who becomes a Muslim, a name given to us by Ibraahiim [Abraham] (a.w.s) " kalii lullah "
[friend of Allah-(s.w.t)].

As we expect and welcome your comments, we nourish you with the words of peace and seek of the Mercy of The God, Allah (s.w.t)
for you and for us.
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