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In The Name of Allah, Merciful, The Kind!
    For every consequence follows a repercussion!
  in Every action comes with a re-action! This Is
  as in ~`The book of Nature`~ Allah Made it So!
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Welcome to our affiliate program!

I.T.T (WWW.islamictalismans.com) Affiliates are very important to this institution. We will and must do our best to treat you with the utmost fairness and respect you deserve. We simply ask the same in return. This affiliate program is designed with you in mind, together with the aim to protect the good name of I.T.T (WWW.islamictalismans.com). So please take the time to read through this formalities and as well, see our FAQs Page for more questions answered.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact for I.T.T Support Service;- we will answer you promptly;- insha'Allahu Rabbi. We are strong believers in straight-forward and honest communication by the guidance in accord to The "Deen" of Al-Islam. For quickest results please call or text to (+1) 404-604-0559 or email us at itt@islamictalismans.com.

Wasalaamu'Alaikum Warahmatullahi,
On-behalf of I.T.T,

Abdou Salaam,
WWW.islamictalismans.com Affiliate Manager.

This is where it happens for you;- Allah s.w.t Pleases. An Ultimate opportunity where you can easily make a full time income of more than $1000.00 per week while still joining us in helping safe humanity all over the world and fix broken hearts by the power of prayer;- Allah Azawajal's Mercy and Kindness.

People are in crises all around the world and the only solution to our problems is prayer;- yes indeed, a settlement to ask, but yet depend on only the Almighty Creator.

A whooping 33% of $33.00 on every Membership Registration achieved thru your efforts! That's $10.89 for every new Member referred by you thru clicking on the links we shall provide for you.

The thing is every body's get problems and prayer is the only key solution. Anyone that lands in here knows it's just fair enough to access all these gains for as little as a minimal fee of a $27.00 one time payment. So your only job is announcing this site through your Affiliate links which are provided to you. Spread the word, help people worldwide attain peace of mind, and yet make a handsome reward for your efforts. The sky is your limit.

You are automatically credited with a $10.00 Sign-up bonus. This means that you automatically get an initial balance of $10.00 when you sign up. The $10.00 bonus is forfeited though after 3 months of no progress in your account. This is a motivation to encourage only serious minded individuals in the program. Please note that (if you choose any payment method other than Paypal) you will be responsible for any money transfer fees charged by Western Union, Money Gram or any financial institution you choose to withdraw your payments thru or to. The said fees will be based on their policy;- not ours. Paypal may also charge you small percentage from the money that may be deposited into your Paypal Account (if you choose Paypal).

Also, your second tier level as well is based on a per sale term, for a commission of 10% per total second tier affiliate commission (commission of an affiliate of an affiliate).

Now, how hard and how much time are you willing to put in? The sky is your limit in earnings.

Sign up for a free account with The I.T.T - Affiliate Program, login and choose a customized Banner Link, flash Banner Link or Text Link from your Affiliate profile account. Post your Banner Link, flash Banner Link or Text Link in places where you think people would be interested in the Membership to I.T.T - Islamic Taweez & Talismans Website for the access of the displayed prayer scripts;- places such as in an Islamic related forums you're a member of, your own blogs, your Facebook profile and pages, your Twitter profile and pages, your MySpace profile and pages, your Youtube profile and comments sections, your Website pages, also even in an email to some of your friends and family members, and general emails to subscribers to your blogs, forums, social media pages. The possibilities are limitless. Ebay is a good spot as well to advertise. Yahoo and Google ads are other options. Click bank and so on ......

Payments and Visitor tracking:

I.T.T (WWW.islamictalismans.com) uses it's own Affiliate program to handle all of the tracking and payments. Your payment shall first reach a limit of $150.00 before you can request to withdraw it. Your commission is based on a per sale term of 33% of the total sale made. Your second tier level as well is based on a per sale term, for a commission of 10% per total second tier affiliate commission (commission of an affiliate of an affiliate).

Cookies are used to track a customer that lands on I.T.T (WWW.islamictalismans.com) by clicking on your Affiliate link for a full 1 year. Within that 1 year from the first time the customer visited our site, you will be credited on any buy made by that customer for your full commission due. So even if the customer made no buy the first day of his/her visit to I.T.T (WWW.islamictalismans.com), any time within a whole 1 year that he/she returns to our site and makes a buy, it will directly be considered yours as for the commission.

Please read in our FAQs Page for further explanation.

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