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In The Name of Allah: The Merciful, The Kind

"ALLAH" is the real Name for The One True God, and the chosen religion of Al-Islam (The act of a total self willingness in submission to Allah's -The God's- Will) has always been the only true religion for all those who at will, submits entirely to the Will of Allah Azawajal.

A Self-submission in One Word Title = MUSLIM

In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

Here-in, it should be noted that ALLAH {s.w.t} is The Same Only God worshipped by the former Christians; The God of The Anointed prophet Isa (Jesus){a.w.s} the son of Mariam (Mary){P.b.u.h}, and The Same God for the Jews; The God of Musa (Moses) {a.w.s} and his brother and helper Haroun (Aaron){a.w.s}; - as evident by both the Hebrew and the Aramaic languages, and as well even by up to todays Arabic speaking Christians and Jews (both in their speakings and their interpreted/translated Versions of The Bible).

"ALLAH": Allah {s.w.t} is the proper name as in Arabic for The One and Only True God, The Creator and Sustainer of the universe; - "ELOH-IM" {an elevated form of respect to a greater Authority} or "ELL-e-AH", both in Hebrew; and "ALLAHA" in Aramaic, the mother tongue of Isa {Jesus},-a.w.s-. The Name Allah does not have a plural nor a gender sound attributed to it;- thus 'He', 'It' or any of an alpha directive can be used in pointing to it. The word "GOD" is not and definitely can not be His {s.w.t's} Name neither it's translations, but rather a translation into English of a meaning of among His {s.w.t's} very many Attributes "The Highest of Authority and The Originator of all existence". Even the idol worshippers calls his/her god/s, "GOD/s" (TITLE), even though he/she has a special name for which he/she calls upon his/her god/s. So thus, the word god is a TITLE or an ATTRIBUTE that describes a potency of a being and not a NAME in specific. In Arabic, "ILA'HA" ( "ILA'HI") is in the same equivalent meaning as to the word "GOD", and "ALLAH" is The real Name of The One True God as to His {s.w.t's} revelation to mankind. Remember, there is not found yet any revelation in the English language and thus, a Name of any being or body can not be translated into any other language but help leave as is. The merely little difference in pronunciation between the Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic as The Name appeared is only dueto the barriers of a particular society's (regional) mother tongue. The way a particular word is pronounced in different dialects is due to the fact of a difference in language and region, but never-the-less, the word stays the same. Allah {s.w.t} does not have any associate nor partner/s, and He {s.w.t} does not, and never begot or begets nor was He begotten, He {s.w.t} is ONE and ALONE. And it is only Him {s.w.t} that loneliness does not reduce: The Self Exalted, The Eternal and The Absolute {Self Perfected One}.

Further more, we deem it necessary to explain the fact that Al-Islam is not a new religion from the Muhammad {a.w.s} era, neither an invention by Him {a.w.s}. But rather, it has always been the only religion use in the worship of The Only One True God (Allah) by all the prophets and their respective righteous followers {Unto all of them be peace} in all the ages. "Al-ISLAM" literally means "The Submission of One Self entirely to The Will of Allah" and again, one word for the person who willingly without force accepts to totally submit him/her self to The Will of The same God (Allah), is a "Muslim / Muslimah". Now you can see why all the past leadership of todays modern Godly religions are/were in-fact Muslims under the same divine MOTTO which is the act and calling to the worship of the same Only One God and as well, surrender entirely to His {s.w.t's} Will Alone. We encourage you to haste make research, and we hereby assure you that you'll certainly find out that none of these very great prophets of Allah {s.w.t}-{unto them all be peace} has ever make mention of any of the names called upon todays supposedly Godly religions nor by their immediate followers but rather, they all were rooted in the act and a call upon their people to serve only One God (mentioned by Name) and submit to His {s.w.t} Will Alone; (as in ISLAM).

Thus, any other being (a piece of wood, man or woman, in the flesh manifest or spirit) that any one worships other than The One True God (Allah), shouldn't be surprise to find out that even that so-call MAN MADE DELUSIONAL IMITATION OF A GODHOOD itself is busy declaring the Oneness of Allah {s.w.t} and glorifying His {s.w.t's} Praises at all times. They owe their very existence to Him {s.w.t}, upon Whom is all Power to do as He {s.w.t} Pleases, Most Worthy to be Praised and worshipped. None can cause you gain nor hurt you, but by His {s.w.t's} Leave. So thus, understanding, worshipping and a total reliance unto the absolute dependability to The One True God, brings us to the willingness and acceptance to invoke in none, but Him {s.w.t} Alone. Not just as a choice but as an obligated necessity, for all the gains one can think of. As would be in Islam, Supplication is a matter of paramount importance for our well being through The God's Mercy and continuous Generosity; He is The Giver Who gives effortlessly and very freely without expectation of any reward in return. Allah {s.w.t} blesses us with verses when He {s.w.t} made us to know as follows:

" And your Lord says: " Call on Me; I will answer your (prayer): ........... " The Qur'an: Surah 40 - Verse 60


" Say: " Call upon Allah, or call upon Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent): by whatever Name you call upon Him, (it is well): for to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. ... " The Qur'an: Surah 17 - Verse 110

And in doing so, He {s.w.t} teaches us to put in mind that our prayers just as in our state in worship should exclude all what so ever, but rather directly to Him {s.w.t} alone. No other so call deity of any kind or intermediary nor intercession, but directly from the created being to The Creator and, but to The Creator Alone - The Most High.

As follows is The Holy Qur,an: Surah 17 Verse 111

" Say : " Praise be to Allah, Who begets no son, and has no partner in (His) dominion: nor (needs) He any to protect Him from humiliation: yes, magnify Him for His Greatness and Glory ! "

With this in mind, we the leadership of I.T.T here-in take it upon ourselves to provide all the various forms of prayers, supplications and invocations as in written or to be verbal, for the use of our visitors or membership; - to enable you ask humbly in the very most calculated righteous manner blessed upon our sheikhs by Allah {s.w.t}, for a fulfilment of your needs.

May our intention/s be an up-liftment and a pride for The Deen (religion) of Al-Islam by transforming every life that visits here for the utmost better. Allah {s.w.t} is Able, and in Him {s.w.t} we declare our trust.

The above mentioned here-in, are facts of both simple common sense and in true divine scripture, a fact that have been succeeded in tremendously abused and mis-represented explicitly. Plain facts, without doubt of which it's mis-interpretations and corruption has caused a very great deal of divisions and deviations of even towards our truly God given rights to intellectual intelligence. May our God have mercy on us and leads us to Himself {s.w.t}. - by His Will and His Grace, in the highest of His Kindness.

And of course, Allah {s.w.t} Knows Best.  His {s.w.t's} Will, be always done.
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