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A Mercy For all who Belief
THE QUR' AN :  Surah 17 - Verse 82
-" We send down in The Qur' an that which is a
healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the
unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss."-
Ask and it shall be given !

For it is Allah {s.w.t} -" Who createth and then destines "- [Qur: S-87 V-2].
But just as He {s.w.t} destines, as He {s.w.t} guides, to Him {s.w.t} Alone be
with The Will to effortlessly tamper with any ones destiny at any moment as
He {s.w.t} pleases. And with Allah {s.w.t}, everything is easy.

-"....... : When He decrees a matter, He (merely) says to it: "Be," and "it is"-
[Qur: S-2 V-117]
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A Complete Faith in your God, is your only solution. So unless WE settle for The GOD (Allahu as Ahaddun) in truth and in spirit, OUR destiny is not yet settled.

We @ I.T.T reject to posses any powers of any at all,  to gain nor harm a soul but by The God -Allah-. In Allah Alone do we rely and trust.
<< Ta'Aweez / Talismans for Various Purposes >>
**  For Money / Prosperity / Wealth.!
* For Winnings / Victorious.!
* For Business / Attract Customers.!
* For Good Luck.!
**   For Love / Attract a Partner.!
* To Find or Get a Husband / Wife.!
* To Stop a Cheating Husband / Wife.!
* To be Loved by All / influential.!
**  To disable Enemies / Punish an Enemy.!
* To Win Enemy's Love.!
* For a Lucky (Silver) Ring.!
* For Impotence, gain better Sex Life.!
**  For Impotence, gain better Sex Life.!
* To get a God fearing Child.!
* To void Evil Jinns (Devils) Influences.!
* To Cancel a Debt in good faith.!
**  From the wickedness of  Gun and Knife.!
* For Employment / reinstate to a Lost Job.!
* From Travel Accident; - Air, Land or Sea.!
* For Ishtikharah (Dream){divine
**  For Students / To Make One Smarter.!
* For Court and, or Freedom from Captivity.!
* To stop Evil / Bad Habits.!
* To Get Rid of Bad / Evil / Scary
**  For Problem solve / Worries / Stress.!
* Dhikr for a well-being of today and
* For the fear of Allah -s.w.t-!
* For divine wisdom / Noor /
**  For Protection from all kinds of evils.!
* To rid off evil works of men and jinns.!
* To spoil Voodoo / Hoodoo /  Witch-craft.!
* To Gain one's favors.!
** To Render an Enemy useless.!
* For Dhikr for any quest.!
* To turn an Enemy into a friend.!
* For complete peace of mind out of
** To have a male child with baraka, if so
* For Miracle Healings and Cures.!
* For all forms of Prayers / Dhikr.!
* To Call The Ruh'an (Khudam /
Mukhal) for services,
by the use of Allah's
Names {Attributes};- inclusive in the
Wird/Dhikr (not by Itself).
ALLAH -s.w.t-IS WELL ABLE; unto Him Alone we declare our trust
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Prayer Times: 6 Million Cities Worldwide!
FOR EVERY CONSEQUENCE IS A REPERCUSSION! IN EVERY ACTION FOLLOWS A REACTION. And if there's a source, it's destiny to become is inevitable.
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  WARNING ... Be-Aware! They are every where. In your dwellings, in your every daily affairs;- even within
yourselves. They grow faster than us, and live far longer than us. The good among them are a blessings, but the
evil among them are viruses for they still are in a radical competition with us;- jealous to the core of all favors of
The God unto humans and are hell bent on a rampage rebellion! Jinns or Aliens beings;- call them what you may
!!! .... they live right here with us and are busy renewing their tactics to lead any unto stray. Turn on the lights now
and thus, secure your future.
Grab a Taweez for a prayer well done.
Islamic Taweez Duaa is not and can not be Shirk, except other-wise any other duaa be Shirk 'haraam', ;- as many mis-believed.
It is just more or so the same with opening your hands to ask Allah -s.w.t- for your quests. Only this time, in a written form. The
Paper and the writings themselves are mere materials that has no weight nor value. It is the message it entails that counts and
matters, and that is the duaa {prayer}. Based of off The Quran and Hadiths; The Holy Quran is the healing for all that is to cure
and beyond. To conclude, we belief and as it's said and written:- Allah Azawajal is The See-er and The Hearer of all matters;- and
to Him, all affairs get back to. So let's ask and seek of His bounties and we will find Him Merciful and Kind, ready at all times to
help who seeks.